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About Me

I toyed with the idea that this could be a single-issue blog, but I’m not a single-issue person. With that in mind, you’re bound to see any number of things written about here. Here’s a probable sampling of those things in no particular order: size-acceptance, size-discrimination, photography, social conventions, art, Baltimore, travel, nature, paganism, writing, gardening, quirkyalone, politics, literature, poetry, work, jewelry-making, herbs, movies, crafts, festivals, kilts, Alaska, Midian, and whatever else I might happen upon.

I don’t allow comments on my blog for a number of personal reasons. If you wish to send me a thoughtful comment or you just want to say ‘hey’ then you can email me at weightlessone at gmail dot com.


Here’s a comment I left at Shapely Prose that will really help newcomers understand where I am in my life at this time:

In some respects, I guess I’m pretty lucky.  I played the “when I’m thin” game through most of my teenage years, but I still lived my life.  By the time I hit college, I put that excuse to bed because I was determined to live my life no matter what the numbers on a scale said.  My mom probably played a part in this because the two phrases she constantly used when I was growing up were, “don’t let that stop you,” and, “never let them tell you that you can’t do something.”  So despite the fact that she once called me “unmarketable” during an argument (something that she denies to this day, but trust me she said it), she mostly did her best to make me feel like a valuable human being.

I’ve done the waterskiing thing, and failed miserably—not because I’m fat, but because I just suck at water skiing.  Being towed face down in the water and forgetting to let go of the tow line—yeah, it’s a really bad look for me.  I applied for the awesome job that I was barely qualified for and I got it along with a $12,000 increase in pay—go me!  I’ve been a member of a gym for awhile now and I love it—there’s a pool and my Pisces self can swim all she wants.  I have several gorgeous dresses and since I don’t diet, I have clothes from 10 years ago that still fit.  I looked so smokin’ hot in the last dress I bought that I was sure my family was going to keel over when they saw how good I looked in it.  The expressions on their faces said everything. 

I love camping.  I’ve visited all 50 states along with several countries, and I camped my way from Baltimore to Anchorage.  I survived a visit to Russia and that was a bit intimidating, but I did it and I got to visit The Hermitage, which was a dream of mine—‘cause I’m such an art geek.  And I have more friends than I can keep track of—but that’s the kind of problem I like having…

The only thing I’ve never managed to conquer was asking out the gorgeous guy.  It’s the one place where I lack confidence.  I’ve asked guys out before, but never the gorgeous guy.  But, I’m quirkyalone so 90% of the time I don’t mind that it’s just me (and I do have a ‘sometimes guy’ or as a friend says, a FWB).

Also, my alias on the Web, Weightless One, is a homophone that relates directly to the “when I’m thin” excuse.  I’ve always been judged by my weight so to be weightless is to be just me—not judged by one physical attribute, but by the content of my character. Also it means I’m the “wait less one” as well.  In other words, I wait less to do the things that society (and formerly myself) wants me to put off until I’m thin. 

So I travel because I love experiencing new places and new people.  And I ask for the seatbelt extender every time I fly, without a hint of guilt.  I go camping and hiking and canoeing and I stopped worrying a long time ago if I was the last one to finish the trail.  That just means I have more time to admire the wildflowers or the moose tracks in the snow.

And just for the record—I was in the 325-345 pound range and a size 32 when I did all of these things.  Seriously, try being ‘wait less’ for awhile.  It is so WORTH IT!

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