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I Am Michelle

November 18, 2009
I’m sick to death of being vilified for being who I am.  I am sick to death of being a scapegoat for every ill that plagues modern western society.  I am a human being, not a goat.  I will not allow you to place all of the world’s sins upon my head and leave me in the desert to die. 
I am not my fat; my fat is part of who I am.  There’s a big difference.
I’m sick of turning on the television or radio in the morning to check the weather and traffic report and being repeatedly told that I, as a fat person, am responsible for high heath care costs (wrong), global warming (wrong), and essentially the downfall of society (wrong, but I wish I wasn’t because this society sucks).  I’m sick to death of being dehumanized and turned into a thing by media, doctors, and the many other industries seeking to make a profit off of demonizing my fatness and, in turn, demonizing my very existence.  When you cut off our heads in photographs, you remove the thinking, feeling humans from the image so you can more easily objectify and criticize the “anonymous” fat that is left. 
The bullies have left the playground and taken up residence in every bullshit-spewing propagandizing orifice they could find.  They’re deluging us with the same vitriol that forced me to send a bully to the hospital with a concussion in elementary school.  I wish I could silence today’s fat haters as easily as I silenced that bully. 
I am not “the obese”.  I am Michelle.  I also happen to be an artist, writer, photographer, traveller, empath, swimmer, friend, sister, aunt, cousin, and daughter, among other things.  I love and am loved.  I feel.  I know joy and pain, both with searing intimacy.  And contrary to popular opinion, my body is not public property.

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