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The Fat Girl at the Dance

December 20, 2007

I got pissed today when scanning a copy of the Baltimore Sun newspaper while eating my lunch.  I stopped reading the paper regularly when they laid off many of their reporters and started printing more of what I like to call press-release news.  Today, it was just sitting in the lunchroom so I was flicking through it.

I came across an article about Sparrows Point and the steel mill there.  My father worked at Sparrows Point for years and his pension comes from there so I decided to give the article a closer look.  To the right of the title there was a blown-up quote from the article.  The quote, “We’re like the fat girl at the dance. Nobody wants to dance with us.” 

Perpetuate stereotypes much?  This shit is just pervasive in our culture.  Even when the article has nothing to do with fat, they use a fat metaphor to illustrate unlikeability. 


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