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The Body Odd

November 19, 2007

I’ve been spraining my right ankle and ramming my left little toe into things for the past couple of months.  That’s nothing too unusual for me.  I’m a Pisces and we tend to have problems with our feet. 

I’ve always had weak ankles and being flat-footed from birth doesn’t help.  I’ve also broken many toes and my poor pinkies have been fractured multiple times over the years.  So when I kept repeatedly slamming the same little pinky toe into things, I didn’t really think much about it except to call myself a klutz and continue to hobble along.

Finally, I realized that my toes were hitting the end of my shoes.  How strange, I thought.  So I tried on a pair of shoes that I’ve had for about five years and that I rarely wear because they’ve always been slightly too big.  And they didn’t fit…

That’s right.  At 34, my feet have grown an entire size to size and a half in the past month.  No wonder I’ve been running into things and tripping and generally feeling like I’m not as solid on my feet as usual.  I just haven’t adapted to my new flipper feet.

I’m not upset by the actual growth of my feet (once I found out that it’s not an uncommon occurance), but more by the fact that I have to replace all of my shoes.  To some people, this might sound like the dream excuse to go out and shop shoes, but for me, this is a nightmare.  I have hard-to-fit feet as it is and I hate shopping for shoes.

I’ve purchased two new pairs of shoes.  The first were a pair of sneakers because I had to work the Thanksgiving parade and I needed a comfy pair of shoes for standing and walking.  Thankfully, sneakers don’t usually require much breaking in for me.  The second pair is a plain pair of black leather flats.  Unfortunately, being all leather, they will require some breaking in, but I’m unable to do that until my black and blue pinky toe heals enough that it can handle the pressure of the new leather against it.

So for now I’ve been wearing some clogs that I bought larger in size earlier this year.  Sometimes I have to buy shoes a little bigger in length to get them adequately wide enough.  These shoes that were a size larger than I needed in February, just fit me now and I’m making due.  My biggest dread is replacing my Gore-Tex- and Thinsulate-lined pack boots.  I use them as my snow boots (they have a lovely gusseted tongue that keeps your feet and ankles dry), and they are my winter hiking boots and it took me three years to get them nice and broken in…alas…

Maybe my new flipper feet will propel me faster when I’m swimming.  As soon as my toe heals and I’m back in the pool, I’ll be sure to test out that theory.


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