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Friday Cat Blogging

November 9, 2007

That’s my little man, Midian.  He’s ever-so-cute don’t ‘cha think?  I love how the chord for the window blind is draped over his ear in this photo.  Midi absolutely mugs for the camera anytime I pull it out.

For those who might not know or who aren’t well-versed in the novels of Clive Barker or obscure references to Pagans in the Bible…

Midian was the name of the place where the monsters dwell in Clive Barker’s novel Cabal, which was later made into the movie Nightbreed. 

In the Bible, Midian is where Moses ended up after his 40 years of wandering the desert.  Moses married the daughter of the high priest of Midian.  The Midianites worshipped a multitude of gods, including Baal-peor and the Asherah.


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